Plastering Over Painted Brick

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What to do about Painted Brick Walls

There is much misinformation out there as to whether you can plaster, render or texture coat over painted brick walls. Well the answer is yes you can. At Plastering Makeovers in Perth WA, we have over 20 years experience and specialise in applying multiple finishes to internal and external painted walls. (It will also add value to your home)

Internal – Cement Render Float and White Set Plaster

Internal painted brick walls can look dated, shabby and however you try to decorate them, it’s just not cutting it. We start by applying our 5-year warranted bonding coat, then an acrylic rich cement render float and then a white set plaster coat, transforming those walls into looking fresh and new. If you’re worried about having to take off and replacing skirting and cornices well don’t, our plasterers use a micro margin technique, so there is no need to remove them. That leaves a few more dollars in the pocket. Once completed the brick painted walls will have disappeared leaving them smooth and ready for painting. Decorating will become much easier knowing that your walls will match the décor. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying for a new look and it’s just not working with brick walls that are painted.

External – AcraTex Acrylic Texture Coat

External painted brick walls can also start to look dated. You want your home to look new without having to move, which is expensive!! What we can do is transform those ugly brick painted walls by using the Dulux AcraTex Acrylic Texture Coat Coventry Coarse system. It’s a trowel applied colour in product. Your choice of colour is only limited to your imagination. This product is less prone to cracking and discolouration. Believe me, when we bought our home in the hills, we had dirty white bagged painted walls and after applying the Dulux Acratex Acrylic Texture Coat our home looks new and modern and for over 10 years now, it’s still looking new. Just a note for the more adventurous, the Texture Coat system can also be applied over internal brick walls that have been painted. Check out the photo – colour - Astro Zinger.

External – Cement Rendering Sand Finish

Sand Finish Cement Render is an alternative that can also be applied over external brick walls that have been painted if the Dulux Acratex Acrylic Texture Coat is not what you’re looking for. We will have it ready for you to paint, to update the look of your home.

To discuss further any of these finishes to freshen up the painted brick walls of your home, just call, text or email us and we would be more than happy to contact you, organise an appointment and provide a no obligation free quote.


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